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For over 10 years, Piano Smithfield has been the quintessential piano bar – a charming place to soak up the fun, lively and often raucous atmosphere whipped up by some of London’s finest piano players and singers, all the while requesting songs and indulging in the most delectable drinks and choice cocktails from an expertly crafted menu.


Now, driven by the passion of soul and blues artist James Sayer, Piano Smithfield has become London’s premiere live music and piano-bar venue, showcasing some of the best talent in the UK music scene today. Piano Smithfield has already played host to a whole range of acts and musical styles and has most recently featured acclaimed jazz and soul artists such as Liane Carroll and Derek Nash.


Still continuing to preserve the classic late-night piano bar tradition, Piano Smithfield is now also paving a way for exciting live music in the heart of London’s Culture Mile with mid-week and weekend shows followed by the brilliant piano players that are the beating heart of the venue.


Look no further than Piano Smithfield for a fantastic night of live music, piano bar favourites, singing, dancing and endless fun. Come on down and ‘let the good times roll’!


Testimonials from recent audience members -

"Great venue and a very talented performer. I've been looking for a place like this. Just an amazing evening!"

"An intimate, opulent speakeasy and a talented singer too."

"A stunning, intimate venue - Hollywood 1930's glamour."